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Name:Inspection service

Inspection service

Product quality inspection is an effective way to identify problems that is crucial for companies to avoid defective products delivery, time & cost waste due to rework,recall and scrap,that also helps the manufacturers to find out the root cause,and implement corrective actions in time.It's a win-win way for both customer and supplier,to ensure that the final products can meet customers' expectations in a cost effective way.

Being a key element of quality control, Product Inspections are implemented to verify product quality on site at different stages of the production process and prior to its dispatch.

Trustvo inspection services can be conducted at all stages of the manufacturing process:

Initial production inspection

Trustvo performs the initial production inspection prior to volume production.By this inspection we know clearly about how much the supplier understand the product specification,verify the process appropriateness,detect and eliminate the problem proactively.

In process inspection

When the production has not yet been completed, during the production we inspect the samples randomly selected from production process and from the completed ones,ensure that the products and semi finished products conform with the customer specifications,address any possible problem at an earlier stage. Besides,the production progress will be evaluated,any issue which can cause the order delay will be identified during the in process inspection.

During production inspections keep your production on track.

Pre shipment inspection (PSI)

During the pre shipment inspection, Trustvo QC inspector verifies the quality of the final finished products, evaluate the conformance to cutomer specification, avoid any further transportation cost,reputation price and other loss caused by quality issue.

The Pre-Shipment Inspection is a systematic inspection of samples selected randomly from the entire shipment order, conducted when your production is 100% completed or near it's completion. This is your final opportunity to safeguard your product against costly import risks.

Trustvo inspectors check your product against your chosen specifications to meet the requirements of international standards of your destination market and the customer specific requirements. The quality control process can be standardized with our uniform inspection format or your checklist, and key quality concerns communicated to all parties involved in the inspection.

Trustvo inspectors are well trained and practiced in the fields of specialization, including Softlines (Garments, Footwear, Textiles), Hardlines (Hardware, Toys, Tools, Machinery, Electrical, Eyewear, Glass, Automobile components).

Our inspections cover product function test, performance, overall visual check, dimensions and packaging,  we use the internationally recognized ANSI /ASQ Z1.4 (ISO 2859-1)/MIL-STD-105E statistical sampling plan, ensuring that the inspected products are randomly selected and can represent the overall quality level of the whole batch.

To determine the sample size and acceptance threshold, we use the international Acceptable Quality Limit (AQL) standard.

Besides the random inspections,we also perform full inspection based on your request.

Why need Product Inspection?

Ensure product quality at every production stage

Avoid return and scrap

Avoid production and shipment delays

Reduce the Quality control and logistic cost

Optimize your Quality Assurance and Quality Control budget

Protect your reputation

Our Advantages

All-inclusive price for inspections, All the cost will be confirmed by you prior to implementing, No any hidden fee

All inspectors arrive onsite within 48 hours

You can receive the inspection report within 24 hours

We are your eyes in factories - We are an independent third party inspection company, working on site to protect your benefit at the suppliers