• Supplier factory audit
  • Supplier factory audit
  • Supplier factory audit
  • Supplier factory audit
Name:Supplier factory audit

Supplier factory audit

In order to get a clear overview about supplier capability and capacity,ensure factory can provide promising and stable products. Trustvo quality control engineers go to supplier facility to have an on site evaluation from the aspects of structure,system,operation,and quality,to address the actual status and problems, bring you the improvement advices. It would be a solid reference for your supplier selection.

Initial supplier evaluation

Trustvo quality control engineers visit the potential and new suppliers to have a basic investigation about the operations, quality systems, qualifications, certifications,research, technical capability and the production capacity, let you have a general understanding about the suppliers.

Quality system audit/supplier qualification audit

Perform the audit per the quality system requirements,to determine the supplier qualification,and the actions afterwards. Trustvo auditors can provide the following audits:

quality management system

enviroment management system

Social accountability

Manufacturing process audit

Other specific audit required by customer