• Container loading supervision
  • Container loading supervision
  • Container loading supervision
  • Container loading supervision
Name:Container loading supervision

Container loading supervision

Trustvo quality control engineers witness the container loading process, check the condition and security of the containers, protection mechanism of the cargo, product quantity, and advise based on the actual situation and problems.

Container loading is critical for qualified products delivery.

Trustvo quality control engineers monitor the whole loading process on site,make sure goods are loaded correctly,and the container conditions will be checked prior to loading. Dirty, wet and insecure containers will be rejected or advised to be replaced.

All the following aspects will be checked and recorded during the container loading process:

Quantity and assortment

Correct products

Export cartons conditions

Shipping marks

Container conditions (container types,container number,structure safety,cleanliness, odor)

Loading process monitoring (carry way of cargo,cartons stacking inside containers,protection and handling of the goods)

Seal number

Delaying loading during inclement weather

Client special requirements

Container Loading Supervision is an important step for product quality assurance and quality control.