Inspection in China

Inspection in China

Trustvo inspection service covers diverse industries.

1.Textile inspection

Apparel,home textile,accessories,bags,shoes,socks,leather,cloth.

2.Electrical and electronics products inspection

Lighting: lamp,lighting accessories,electric torch.

Home appliance inspection: air conditioner, refrigerator,microwave, coffee maker, water heater, washing machine, vacuum cleaner, electric kettle, oven, rice cooker, juicer, sandwich machine, electric fan, electric iron, calculator, massager. 

Audio and video products: TV,DVD player,radio,mp3,mp4, digital camera,speaker,microphone, etc. 

Communications products: radio terminals, telephones and accessories, and other communications equipment.

3.Power tools inspection

electric drill, electric hammer, screwdriver, pliers, etc. 

4.Industrial products inspection

Mechanical equipment, electrical equipment, mechanical parts, auto parts, electronic parts, etc. 

5.Other product categories inspection